Monday 7 January 2013

OpenTTD 32bpp Part 4 - The Finished Product

By using 3D graphics and automation I was able to make a complete complete, high resolution, graphics replacement for OpenTTD almost completely on my own...

Making this graphics set was still a hell of a job though:

The total time I spent in Blender to make the graphics was 135 hours to make 391 blender files.
To render all these Blender files into sprites took 14.16 processor hours to produce 69931 images.
The final downloadable graphics files are 273 Mb and have been downloaded 24123 times.
The total size of all 146280 source files is 2349 Mb.

You can find out more about OpenTTD at and more about this high resolution base graphics set (called zBase) here and here.

Software used:
Blender: 3D modelling and rendering.
ImageJ: Sprite post-processing and managing.
Python: Computer usage tracking.
OpenTTD: The game!


  1. This looks bloody amazing!

    1. If you ever feel like undertaking another improvement project, the Japan Rails trainset could use your help... :-p


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