Monday 22 June 2009

Timelapse and Snow

Amongst some of the more unusual things I have collected over the last year is a set of 3 identical (at least till I got my hands on them!) webcams. They all now have some pretty interesting properties - infrared, pinhole, low light, spectroscope - oh so many things to write about! Having said that I'm just going to show you one of the most basic pieces of fun you can have with a webcam...

Webcams are made for timelapse, it's so easy to set up, and a modern webcam has a pretty good image quality. With no further ado here is a wonderful timelapse of some snow, captured during the heavy snow February this year. Check it out here.

Software used:
Webcam capture: AbelCam
Automated image sequence renaming: ImageJ
Video creation: VirtualDub
Video transcoding: VLC media player

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