Tuesday 13 December 2011

Image Processing: Paper Camera

The "Paper Camera" style of image, a kinda faux-sketch view of the world, is actually a very simple set of image processing steps:

1. Take an image (this is Franklin bridge in Philadelphia):

2. Find the edges in the image and make them into a dark outline:

3. "Posterize" the brightness to make it look cel-shaded:

 4. Layer the edges onto the posterised image and desaturate slightly:

You can download this filtering effect as a plugin for ImageJ from my website: here.

Software used:
ImageJ - Scripting and image processing


  1. Very cool - imo it would be neat if you could have a sharp pine between gradients (e.g. the blues in the sky) as opposed to bitty cels. Could you have changed the cel-shader just for that area, or (nicer) just for areas with shallow gradients?

  2. I guess you mean just smoothing out the smooth gradient bits more (sky etc...). I shall have a tweak :)

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