Thursday 17 May 2012

Diatomaceous Anaglyphs

I was trying to work out what the least friendly, most jargon rich blog title I could possibly write something interesting about... I think "Diatomaceous Anaglyphs" is a pretty good effort!

Diatomaceous means "of diatoms"; a type of single celled organism which grows beautiful shells made of silica. In this case these are the shells of dead diatoms from millions of years ago which settled out of the sea, made beds of diatom shells then got compressed into a soft rock. This rock is mined and processed for use in various areas of industry and is called diatomaceous earth.

Anaglyphs are the name of the red/blue 3D images you get which can be looked at using some glasses with coloured celophane instead of lenses. With the surge in 3D films at the cinema you can find more and more 3D stuff online using anaglyphs.

When I combined the I made diatomaceous anaglyphs, which are just plain beautiful (you can also view the whole album on my Flickr):

For those of you not geeky enough to have red/blue 3D glasses this is an animated version:

Software used:
ImageJ: Image alignment and processing

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