Tuesday 25 May 2021

Trypanosomatid cell structures

These are my oft-requested diagrams of trypanosomatid parasites. They're heavily inspired by the amazing illustrations of trypanosomatids by Keith Vickerman, like this classic, though with a more modern twist.

Both aim to be fully accurate diagrams, targeting a specialist text book or review paper level. They're drawn based on on lots of papers, both by others and by me, plus many hours on electron microscopes looking at them! They are slightly 'cartoony' though, exaggerating the size of some of the organelles/structures for clarity.

Trypanosoma brucei procyclic trypomastigote form - as found in the tsetse fly midgut. This diagram is featured in my annual review with Keith Gull and Jack Sunter: Coordination of the Cell Cycle in Trypanosomes

Leishmania mexicana procyclic promastigote form - as found in the sandfly midgut. Drawn in the same style as T. brucei, but not published.

Trypanosomatid parasites are wonderfully structured and intrinsically beautiful cells. They've been the subject of many of my illustrations over the years, you'll find them around, and give a track record of my illustration skill... for better or for worse.

Please ask before using these - they represent a big investment of time - but they are made to be used and belong in lecture slides! Drop me a message if you need really high resolution versions, vector versions (pdf/svg), etc.

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